She Really Says She Fucks Super Well And Gives Off Her Legs

She Really Says She Fucks Super Well And Gives Off Her Legs

Summer In the Ozarks 5 By the time they reached the lake, the sun was high in the sky and bearing down on Arkansas with full intensity. Despite all the rain from the previous day, the mercury had risen toward the one hundred degree mark. That was not unusual, even for as far north as they were, so close to the Missouri border that they could almost see the state line from Cal ’s home. Cal brought his black truck to a stop by the water’s edge and climbed out. Dressed in sneakers, swimming trunks and a thin button-down shirt, he was ready for the cool relief the lake had to offer. He jaunted around to the other side, opened the passenger door and Silvia slipped from the seat, dressed in similar fashion. Her hair glistened in the sunlight, and she knew this would make her locks even richer than they already were. Grabbing the blankets from the seat, she closed the door and followed Cal down to the water’s edge. She placed them on the sandy surface of the ground, side by side, as he stood and stared out across the open water. He had expected to see visitors on the lake that day other than Silvia and himself. There were usually boaters, people on jet skis or simply locals swimming about, considering how nice of a day it had turned out to be. Instead, he found they were alone, except for one or two boats far off in the distance. “A penny for your thoughts,” she offered as she stepped up behind him and wrapped her arms around his firm torso. He grabbed one arm and lifted it to his face, where he planted a kiss upon her warm skin. “A penny won’t get you very far these days,” he pointed out. “Inflation, remember? Now a thought costs a buck eighty nine and goes on from there for the really good ones.” “Okay,” she played along, “what if I don’t have any money? I left my purse back at your place.” “We can take it out in trade,” he replied as a Cheshire grin grew from the corners of his mouth. “I like that idea,” she said, squeezing him tightly. “I’m thinking that there are usually more people out here,” he pointed out, his eyes still sweeping the horizon where sky blue met the water. “I guess it’s just an off day.” “And…?” “And that means we pretty much have this area of the lake all to ourselves,” he finished. Using the toe of his shoes, he pried each one from his feet, kicking them aside. She dropped her arms and he quickly removed his shirt, dropping it upon his shoes in a small pile. His skin glistened in the sunlight in a light shade of bronze, the result of spending careful amounts of time in the sun, enough to darken his skin little by little but not enough at a time to put his health in danger. Silvia watched his body with great care as his muscles flexed from simply basic movements as he stepped toward the water. Her eyes focused primarily on his shoulders as well as his ass cheeks, barely visible beneath the cloth of his swimming trunks. It was only a few steps for him until his toes felt the lapping of the water. It coursed between his toes, immediately refreshing him from the heat of the day. He continued stepping forward and deeper into the water, as it gradually rose above his ankles, his knees, and finally to his waist. He breathed deeply as his body adjusted to the change in temperature, but by that time of the year, the chill of the winter had passed, and it felt quite comfortable to him. “How’s the water?” she called out to him, reluctant to try for herself without any sort of warning. He turned back to her and splashed it up onto his chest. “It’s great,” he insisted, wetting his arms and neck. “Not nearly as cold as I had expected. It’s really nice out here. Come on out!” “I won’t step on any sharp rocks, will I?” she asked. She had cut her feet several years ago while visiting a beach in Florida , and had no intentions of repeating the experience. “This is a man-made sandbar,” he replied, slowly bobbing up and down with the natural waves. “You’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” She hesitated briefly, gathering up her courage. But as she watched Cal enjoy himself, she wanted to join him and experience the lake for herself. After all, that was what they were there for- to spend the afternoon swimming. Finally, after she silently talked herself into it, she decided it was time to enter the water. She carefully removed her top and shorts, and Cal made certain to watch her every move. Her top fell to the ground by his clothes, revealing a tan bikini top, little more than two patches of cloth held together by similarly colored strings. In the old days it was considered a string bikini. Now it was referred to as a micro bikini. One definition was just as god as the other, as it allowed maximum skin exposure, just shy of becoming illegal. Her soft breasts bulged from the sides and bottoms, and her nipples were already hard and firm in anticipation. When she lowered her shorts and kicked them to the pile of clothes, he discovered she was wearing a matching set. A small patch of cloth covered her trimmed patch and soft lips, held in place by a similar string. There was no rear to her bottoms, only a sliver of string that somehow managed not to get lost between her cheeks. It showed off her wonderful globes, ripe for touching, caressing, and sliding his member between when the time was right. He seriously questioned if such an ensemble would be legal to wear at most public beaches, but after a few short seconds of deliberation, he decided he simply did not care. She was not in the public eye, only his, and what he saw was quite fine with him. Silvia stepped to the water’s edge. It lapped at her toes like the gentle caress of a seasoned lover. She allowed it to lap over the top of her foot, then she slowly made her was forward, feeling it rise up her legs. Goosebumps sprouted all across her delicate, soft skin, and she wrapped her arms about herself as she continued her way into the water. “You said it was warm, you son of a bitch!” she shouted as loudly as her chattering teeth would allow. “I said it was great,” he replied with a wide grin as his hands slowly stirred currents on either side of his body. “I never said it was warm!” She raised her hand from her body, just enough to display a well deserved middle finger, and then grabbed her body tightly once more. Never the less, she continued forward and the water gradually rose past her knees, above her hips, until it lapped at the bottom of her shoulders. Her body soon became accustomed to the temperature, and within moments she began to enjoy the coolness against her skin. Cal made his way to her, wading as quickly as he could. He couldn’t help but to smile, despite himself. “You feel better now?” he asked as the water lapped against their bodies. She took a deep breath and nodded her head. “It’s a lot cooler than the air,” she pointed out. “That’s because it’s almost one hundred degrees today,” he pointed out. “If it were cooler, the water wouldn’t seem as cold.” Silvia looked across the water. Cal had chosen a secluded spot, far away from other swimmers. There had been room for only one vehicle, and anyone who might have wanted to park in that specific area would simply have to move along. There were people across the lake, but they were so far away that they looked like tiny blurs in the distance and lacked any form of detail. She couldn’t tell men from women, or even single people from small groups. She and Cal were secluded and had the entire side of the lake to themselves. A smile slowly spread across her face, and in one swift move, she tore the top of her bikini from her body and exposed her firm, delicious breasts to the warm sun. “I don’t think they allow that here,” he offered cautiously. “I’ll pay the fine!” she called back over her shoulder with glee. She flung her arm into the air behind her and her top sailed effortlessly through the air, landing on the sand in front of the truck. An instant later, much to Cal ’s surprise, her bottoms also flew through the air and joined the companion piece in a wet bundle of clothes. “Oh, brother,” he mumbled beneath his breath. As much as he enjoyed sex with this wonderful vixen, he began to wonder if she might not be taking things just a bit too far. But watching her splash the tiny whitecaps with her hands as the water glistened on the tops of her toned, shapely breasts and strikingly beautiful face made him forget all about possible legal consequences. No matter what the price, this was worth it. She knew his eyes had been upon her. She spun about and smiled, her head tilted slightly downward as she made her way toward him, looking delightfully mischievous. Before he could do or say anything, she wrapped her arms about his neck and drew him tightly against his body. With her head tilted up and slightly to the side, she pressed her lips against his. Her mouth parted slightly and her tongue slid inside of his mouth, mingling, probing, and caressing. She moaned softly as arousal began to build, increasing sharply as his hands found her heavy breasts. He caressed her sun-warmed flesh with the palm of his hands, causing her flesh to prickle with goose bumps. Almost beyond her own control, she wrapped her arms about his head, sucking on his tongue. His fingers found her hardening nipples and began to squeeze, tugging gently as her arousal increased. He twisted them between his forefingers and thumbs, milking them gently as her moaning increased and her hips began to sway to and fro. Her breathing increased. Her eyes closed tightly. She began to sigh with delight. Her head tilted back, away from his face and pointed toward the cloudless sky. His mouth slid down her throat, his tongue leading the way. His lips fell upon the soft base of her neck as his hands released her taunt nipples, giving them one last quick squeeze before following the curves of her toned stomach beneath the surface of the water. As he placed one kiss after another on her slender neck, his hands followed the curvature of her body, across her belly, diving deeper into the water, using her flesh as a point of reference. He continued to follow her body, his fingers softly graving against her, until he found his goal; the soft, curly hairs of her mound. She moaned softly as his hands slipped further downward and grazed against her sensitive lips. Hi
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s fingers were warm against her naked skin, chilled by the water, and she inadvertently pressed her mound forward, enjoying his touch. Arching back, her face bathing in the warmth of the sun, she held on tightly to his neck, giving access to her womanhood. His fingers rubbed up and down, and then easily slid inside, probing her sensitive region. “Uh!” she shouted softly as another finger joined the first, stretching and entering deeper. Her muscles tightened about his penetrating digits, offering just enough tension to heighten the sensation. A flame began to rise within her, growing warmer and stronger against the chill of the lake water, until she could feel it in her breasts, burning at her nipples, now taunt like tiny walnuts. “More!” she gasped. Cal eagerly obliged. He slipped his fingers inside of her body as far as he could reach, all the way to the knuckle. His tickled and massaged her inner walls as the palm of his hand forcefully rubbed against her mound. He slipped his free hand behind her, cradling the small of her back, pressing her even more tightly against his probing hand. Her breath began to increase and deepened, and she moaned profoundly, bucking against his palm. Finally, unable to withstand the beckoning of his hand, she pulled him tight against her body, his hand tight against her cunt, and cried out with utter delight. Her nectar erupted from deep within her body, slowed past her engorged pussy lips, and mingled with the cool, invigorating waters of the lake. “That was… good,” she insisted, unable to raise her voice much past an exhausted whisper. She held his body tightly against hers, enjoying the warmth he had to offer, as she began to place butterfly kisses on his neck. “Are you okay?” he asked softly, holding her in his arms. “You seem a little weak.” “I’m simply enjoying myself,” she replied with a warm smile. “But I think I better lay down on the blanket. I need a break.” He nodded and, before she could stop him, he swept her up in his arms and carried her from the water. Once he made his way to land, he dropped to his knees and lay her gently down on the blanket. “I’ll get your bikini,” he offered upon making certain she was comfortable. “I don’t want it,” she replied. She grabbed his trunks at his waist and pulled them down, just a little. Due to the coldness of the water, his cock was barely hard, and it simply slithered out above the elastic band. “This is what I want,” she continued. Cal looked down at her, shielding his eyes with his hand from the sun. “You know it’s always there for you,” he offered. She stared at his warm rod with a pout in her face. “But it’s small,” she complained. “I like it when it’s bigger.” “The water was cold,” he pointed out. “You know, shrinkage.” “I don’t like shrinkage,” she insisted. She leaned and fell upon her back, allowing the sun to begin to dry her mouth-watering figure. Sweat beads began to pop up where beads of water began to disappear. Her hands rose from her sides until she cupped her breast in each one, tugging gently at her sensitive nipples. Before long they were taunt and full again as arousal filled her body. “I want it bigger,” she murmured. “I want it harder.” He held it out in front of her. He began to stroke and squeeze, coaxing the blood to flow through his member. As he did, she leaned closer, watching it as it began to swell. Her tongue snaked across her lips in anticipation of the fullness she was about to receive. With her eyes fixated tightly on his one eyed snake, she grabbed the sides of his swimming trunks and ripped them to his knees, and he quickly shuffled his legs back and forth until they were free of his body. Her lips slowly touched the head of his cock. She sucked gently on his skin, and her tongue darted out, swirling about as though she was licking his head clean. He squeezed tightly for her, and the tip of her tongue slipped into the hole in the tip. She forced it as deep as she could go, stretching the skin and sending shivers throughout his body. “God, that feels good,” he gasped. “I think I can taste something,” she admitted. She slowly pulled back, and a wet string of pre-cum hung between his cock and her tongue. She quickly slurped it into her mouth and swallowed, relishing in the warm, salty taste. Wanting more, she suddenly wrapped her arms about his torso and fell onto her back. Her hands and arms pulled his groin tightly against her chest and neck, and he barely managed to keep his balance. His cock was pulled deep into her mouth and she clamped her jaw tightly about his rod, holding it tightly in place. He looked down, watching as she swallowed him completely to the hilt, burying his rod deep inside of her. She squeezed and sucked, and squealed softly with joy as she felt him grow larger and firmer. Her tongue caressed the underside, darting out to the bottom of his balls, and saliva began to drip from the corners of her mouth. In just a few seconds his cock was hard and fully erect, enjoying the warmth of her soft mouth. “There,” she announced as her lips slid from his hardness. “That did the trick!” He leaned back and caught his breath. He always enjoyed her mouth skills, and this time was no exception. However, she had never ended her task prematurely before, leaving him with an unsatisfied hard-on. Bewildered, he looked down at his manhood as it waved back forth in the warm sun and then at her, only to see that familiar Cheshire grin on her face again. She patted the empty area of the blanket next to her, inviting him to lie beside her. Knowing she probably had something in mind, he laid down next to her as the warm sun fell upon parts of him that were hardly ever exposed to its rays. No sooner had he gotten comfortable when she rolled over and on top of his, grinding her pelvis against his. She immediately placed her hands on his chest and pushed back, sitting on his hips. “I can’t leave this ignored,” she insisted as she leaned back, now sitting on his hips. She reached down and grabbed his rod, pulling it out from beneath their bodies. She rocked back slightly and, as she closed her eyes, pressed his shaft against her lips tightly, forcing it to stand between her lips. Then she began to rock back and forth gently, sliding it against her engorged cunt as the head rubbed against her lower stomach. “Oh,” she murmured as she sawed back and forth, enjoying the sensation of his cock rise and fall against her womanhood. As she began to moan, he reached up and held her breasts in his hands, squeezing and tugging. Her ambrosia began to flow from her body, providing lubricant, as she pressed more firmly. After a few long, delightful strokes, she wrapped her fingers about the head of his cock and pressed it against her nub. Her body began to burn with fire as his cock slid up and down, having swelled to its full girth. A few droplets of precum escaped from the tip and glistened in the sunlight. “It feels… so good,” she gasped, continuing to press his shaft between her cunt lips and against her nub. Her head lulled back as far as it could as honey suddenly escaped from her body, and she tightened her grip about his cock, jerking it in short, quick tweaks. She barely realized it had begun to pulse all on it’s own as he tilted his head back and moaned with delight, and his cum suddenly spurted into the air. Some landed on his stomach, some landed on her tits, but most blazed through the air and landed on her chin and between her lips. She quickly swallowed all that entered her mouth, and then wiped the rest from her face with her finger, which she immediately sucked clean. “Oh, my!” she exclaimed as she raked her hair back with her hand. She looked down and wiped the cum from her glowing mounds and licked her fingers clean. When she was finished, she leaned forward, down until her chin touched his stomach. As he tilted his head up to watch, her tongue snaked out and quickly cleaned the dampness from his skin. His breath deepened at the sight and the sensation, and he reached down to run his fingers through her hair. Seeing that as a silent suggestion, she moved down his body, her legs wrapped around one of his, until her face was cradled against his balls. She tickled the underside of his cock until it twitched, and then she slid the head into her mouth, sucking gently. She wanted to waste not a single drop of his warm, salty taste. Moaning softly, she slid his softening manhood into her mouth until she had every last inch between her soft, pulsing cheeks, sucking his clean as his body twitched and jerked. Only when she was finally satisfied she had every last drop, and his cock had deflated from use, did she allow it to pop out of her mouth once again. “I’ll always enjoy your taste,” she admitted as she looked up to him. Her head was nuzzled between his nuts and she gave them happy, satisfied butterfly kisses. He stroked her hair softly as his body began to finally relax. “Sweetheart, I promise I’ll never change the recipe. But I think we’d better pack up and go now.” “Too exhausted?” she teased. Even though she was partially right, that wasn’t the reason. His lifted his arm and pointed to the water. Across the lake was the water patrol, heading directly for their area of the lake. The blue light was flashing, and he was beginning to hear the sound of the siren. Somebody had seen them after all and called the authorities. “We’re about to get uninvited company!” he replied as he quickly rose to his feet. He leaped into his bathing suit and gathered up as many belongings as he could and threw them inside the cab of the truck. Silvia quickly gathered up her belongings and, still naked, jumped into his truck just as he fired up the engine. She giggled with excitement as he quickly drove back to the road, holding a towel against her body. Feeling mischievous, she reached over and grabbed his cock through the soft material. Her hand and the excitement of trying to escape the law made the blood flow back to his dick, and she licked her lips. “Ever get a blowjob while driving?” she teased. He glanced into the rear view mirror and shook his head. “Well, let’s give it a try,” she offered. She released his cock from his swimming trunks and lowered her head as they left the lake authorities far behind.

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