She resets her wet pussy and fucks her headache

She resets her wet pussy and fucks her headache

 The sun was shining into the room and onto the bed through the open curtains. I woke up in unfamiliar surroundings and looked around trying to understand where I was.“Oh, right… a hotel room,” I thought.Once again, I was away from home on a business trip: a few days of meetings on either side of a weekend. Thankfully, it was Saturday morning and there was no hurry to get up, so I just stayed there, planning the day ahead.Sun rays were hitting the middle and the lower end of my body and I could feel the warmth through the sheet covering me; it must have made my blood flow right to my loins because they started stirring and soon a bulge was visible.In the quiet of the morning, I was definitely getting aroused but I realised that my hardening was at least in part due to the need to empty my bladder after the long night’s sleep. After considering whether peeing myself a bit to enhance my state of arousal, I decided against it, got up and went to the bathroom to relieve myself. On returning to bed I shed the briefs and t-shirt I had been sleeping in and enjoyed the sun directly on my body.It did feel good! I watched as my limp dick began to harden, seemingly with a will of its own. Slowly, lustfully swelling, it reached up towards my tummy, the ridge of the veins showing along the shaft. The foreskin stretched and started to open, the purple of the head now peeking out of it.Even at full hardness, the knob would not come completely out of the skin, so I reached for it and pulled it all the way down freeing the cock head. Holding the foreskin to the base of the shaft with thumb and forefinger, I was able to cup the balls with the remaining fingers loving the smoothness of my recently shaved sac.My want was increasing with the warmth of the sun rays on my skin. I brought one hand to my chest and caressed one nipple as the other hand took hold of my cock and slowly started wanking it; my mind was setting itself on a hot, lengthy session of pleasure.Just then noises from the corridor interfered with my actions: startled, I raised my head and spotted the “Do Not Disturb” sign hanging from the handle of the door but… on the inside! My head fell back on the pillow as I swore to my carelessness.'Why? Oh, why? You id…'  I hadn’t finished the thought when the door opened, startling me. My head jerked up again and I found myself looking at the cleaning guy!We stared at each other in embarrassment, not really knowing what to do. I had stopped wanking but still had my hand on my cock trying to cover it and the guy was just glaring at my nakedness from the doorway. Suddenly he snapped into action, mumbling some words in apology and reaching for the “Do Not Disturb” tag, which he hung on the outer side of the door.Relieved that he had decided to leave me alone, I closed my eyes and tried to get back in the mood for a jerking session. I heard the door close, smiled at the thought of what had just occurred, opened my eyes again and… gasped.The guy was still there! He had stepped into the room before closing the door and was now walking towards the bed. I was again frozen and speechless, trying to read his intentions on his face. When he stood by the bedside, level with the pillow, he hooked his thumbs into the elastic hem of his tracksuit bottoms and underpants and pulled both down to his knees. Instinctively, I lowered my eyes to his crotch.His cut penis was hanging down from a dense, curly bush, but I could see that he had shaved the balls; it seemed of average size and was growing by the minute as I kept staring at it, unable to make a move.The guy put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me closer to him. Now I could smell the musky scent coming from his groin and it was stirring me back to hardness; I quickly made up my mind: I licked my lips, then my tongue reached for the tip of the piece of meat I was being offered. The guy let out a soft moan.As his cock kept growing, I rolled onto my side leaning on an elbow and took hold of the shaft; tilting my head forward, I wrapped my lips around the bulb, gently swirling my tongue around it at the same time. The salty and slightly tangy flavour of that cock was delicious.The cleaner inched closer to the bed and pushed his hips forward, his cock reaching deeper into my mouth. When it threatened to engulf my throat, I pulled back and ran my tongue down the cock underside toward the balls. For some time, I kissed, licked and sucked on the dude’s testicles, while running my hand up and down his ever harder pecker; I could feel the wetness of his precum increasing.He must have gotten the hint about my inability to take him deep into my mouth because when I went back up to suck him he refrained from pushing forward and let me set my own pace in giving him head. I again enveloped his cock with my lips and run them down the shaft and back, covering it with s
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aliva while moaning contentedly.The bloke was moaning himself, enjoying my wet blowjob. After a while, he bent slightly and reached between my legs. I felt his fingers touching my balls and rubbing them, before settling firmly around my cock and starting to wank it. That felt good, much better than my own hand did when masturbating.Then, he put his hand on my side and pulled me to make me roll onto my stomach. I adjusted my position and was now propped on both elbows with my head turned right so as to keep on sucking his cock. Now he could caress my butt, cup the cheek of my ass that was closer to him and graze my ass crack with his fingertips. I loved the feel of his hand on my bum and his fingers rubbing my little hole.'I’m only used to being penetrated by my dildos, but today is shaping into the day I’ll take a real cock,' I thought.As if reading my mind, the guy stepped back from my bed. With a plopping sound, his cock slipped out of my lips, and I was left watching as he took off his shirt and the wife beater beneath it, exposing his smooth chest with perfectly shaped abs. He then took off his shoes and got rid of both trousers and underpants, walking in his nakedness to the feet of my bed.He grabbed my legs and spread them wide, at the same time turning me to lie onto my stomach. I felt the bed shake as he climbed on it and got on his knees between my legs. A moment later, his hands were opening my ass cheeks and exposing my little hole. I felt the cool air on it and, after a little while, the wetness of what was clearly his tongue lapping along my ass crack.I couldn’t stifle a moan while this new unbelievable feeling was turning me on and making my cock grow harder under my tummy. That sloppy tongue was gradually drenching my entrance and now and then I could even feel it try and sneak into my puckered hole.The tongue suddenly left. Now I felt a finger circling my hole until it was relaxed enough to slide in…. Then, a second finger followed, as the stranger started working on loosening my tight hole and giving me shivers of pleasure. Soon, the fingers left as well and the guy moved forward on his knees.I was so thrilled at the thought of what was about to happen, and a bit worried by the man’s cock’s thickness I had witnessed while sucking him. Would the saliva we had used as lube be enough to make me feel only pleasure and not any pain? I was about to find out …I felt the head of his cock rubbing up and down over my hole and then stopping right on it. I further spread my legs and raised my ass a bit as the pressure from behind started to increase, but it was not enough. As the guy grunted behind me, I pushed my bowels out as if I had to poop: my hole opened and his cock slid into my tunnel filling it entirely.It felt incredible. Even more so when the man started to pull back and push forward again, and again, sliding a bit deeper into me with each thrust. My hole gradually adjusted to the thickness of his cock, and I rested my head on the pillow enjoying every moment of this event. Between my body and the mattress, my cock had overcome the worries for any painful sensations and was hardening like never before.The guy kept going; I could feel he had spread his legs apart so he could further lower his hips and pump his meat deep in me. His feet were now against mine increasing the skin on skin contact. When he lay down on me and I could feel his chest on my back, I was amazed and thought that it couldn’t get any better, but then he put his lips on the nape of my neck…My cock exploded. It had resisted being squeezed between my body and the bed, and the thrilling that the pounding on my ass was transmitting but the contact with the guy’s upper body and his lips and tongue on my neck had been too much. My breathing had quickened, my balls had swollen, my back had felt like burning along the spine and the orgasm had burst. In recurring spurts, warm wetness flooded the bed beneath my tummy while I was uttering moans of pleasure in time with the guy’s cock hitting the deepest point of my anal duct.The guy kept going. As I came down from my coital height and relaxed under him, his rhythm got faster and his grunts louder; sweat had formed where his chest was touching the skin on my back and he now slid with all his body on mine as he fucked me until all of a sudden he stopped, his cock buried deep in my ass. He jerked his head up and let out a protracted, hoarse sound. I felt his shaft enlarge and almost at the same time the warmth of his cum being blown in several streams inside my hole.The guy resumed his rocking motion and went on for some more time before pulling out, which let residues of cum drip down along my perineum and onto the sheet, turning my lips into a blissful smile. He got dressed and walked to the door.“I’ll be back later to make up the room, sir,” he said leaving. 

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