Filme Subtitrate Sexi Porno In Romana

Filme Subtitrate Sexi Porno In Romana

The seat beneath me hadn’t even had a chance to get warm before I caught sight of the stunning redhead seated at the bar just off to my left. What I noticed first was the slit in her black skirt exposing what I supposed was a white half-slip, and a generous portion of her left thigh. As my eyes traveled up, I could see she had attired herself to be alluring, with a tight, white blouse that both contrasted to the black skirt and displayed the delightful swell of her generous bosom. Above the blouse was the expanse of a long, sinuous neck, dangling earrings, and a tousle of red hair wrapped and tucked around her head. I averted my stare as she looked at me, and was caught when my gaze returned to her. I noticed a smile caress her lips as she hastily scanned my face and frame. She placed her glass on the bar, spoke to the bartender, then rose from the stool. She walked past me, looking straight ahead as she headed toward the ladies. I watched her hips swing in a tantalizing invitation as she moved in her four-inch black heels. She returned in just a few minutes. This time as she passed me she gave me a smile. She returned to her seat and, once again, displayed the sexy expanse of leg and thigh as she hitched herself on the stool. A young lawyer-type took the stool to her right and tried to engage her in conversation. She essentially had her back to him, and I saw her twist her head around. Whatever she said to him seemed to dampen his ardor somewhat, and he departed for a table near the center of the room. The stool on her left was unoccupied. She seemed to scan the room leisurely as she sipped her libation. The music in the background thumped a driving beat. I saw her foot in motion in time to the music. Other than that, she seemed oblivious to her surroundings, limiting her interactions to order a second, and then a third drink from the bartender. She glanced my way again, catching me examining her. She nodded and stood up at her place on the bar. I saw her pull a napkin toward her and retrieve a pen from the purse she carried. She scribbled something, emptied her glass and turned directly toward me. In four steps she reached my booth, slipped the napkin on the table and turned for the exit. “Let’s do this,” the note read. I paid my tab to the bartender and made my way to the door. As I left the cool air of the bar I could see her standing next to a small, green import. I walked toward her. “Would you rather drive?” I asked. “No,” she said, holding up her keys. I took them, opened the door for her and was treated to another view of her long, luxurious legs as she swiveled into the seat. I closed the door carefully and rushed around the rear toward the driver’s door. As I slid behind the wheel I asked her: “Any destination in mind?” “You know the Sleepy Nest?” “Yes,” I replied. It wasn’t exactly top of the line, but neither was it a rent-by-the-hour hellhole. As I pulled out of the parking lot I felt her hand rest on my thigh. She stroked it up and down, eventually bumping against the growing erection that had begun to swell in my pants. I glanced at her and saw her looking straight ahead with a knowing smile creasing her features. “Do you already have a room?” I asked, trying hard to concentrate on the driving. “One twenty-seven,” she replied. “Ground floor. External entrance.” The sign for the Sleepy Nest glowed white and green in the night. I pulled into the entrance and followed her directions, parking in front of the room. I shut off the car and climbed out, prepared to run round the back to open her door. She had already sprung away from the vehicle and stood at the room door, working the lock with her key. I walked toward her as she swung the door open and clicked on a low-wattage bulb. I stepped into the room and she closed the door behind me. She tossed the key and her purse on the counter and turned toward me. She began tugging at the buttons on her blouse. In seconds she had it open and pulled out of her dark skirt. She wore a frilly, flimsy bra which she ignored as she unbuttoned and unzipped the skirt. “Are you going to undress?” she asked. “Yeah, sure,” I said, beginning to work my own shirt buttons. Her skirt slipped down her thighs and I saw I’d guessed right. She wore a sheer, silken half-slip underneath. When that disappeared down those long, shapely legs, she was left standing in those four-inch heels, her bra, and a matching bikini-style pair of panties. I shucked my shirt off and began to lift my undershirt over my head when I felt her hands attack my trousers. She unhitched my belt and slid it out of the pants, tossing it into a chair. She deftly unhooked my trousers, fondling my engorged cock as she slid the zipper down. The next I knew, I stood in front of her clad only in my shorts, socks and loafers. “You do the shoes and socks while I get this,” she said urgently, reaching behind her to unclasp the brassiere. I sat in the chair on top of my clothing and pulled off my shoes and socks, watching her proud breasts spill out of the bra as she slid the arm straps off her shoulders. She turned to face me, took a step closer so that her panties were right at the level of my nose and nearly touching my face. “You want to do these?” she asked, hitching her thumbs in the negligible waistband. “Yeah, sure,” I replied. I reached up and my hands met hers. I gently tugged downward, watching transfixed as her tightly trimmed red landing strip came into view. The tiny garment slid down to pool at her ankles. I couldn’t resist the temptation of leaning forward just enough so that my lips could touch her pussy. I was amazed to find how moist she was. I stuck my tongue into her slit for my first taste of her essence. She stepped back and out of her panties. Her hand cupped under my cheeks. “Time for that later,” she whispered hoarsely. “Get your shorts off for me.” I stood up and pulled down my shorts, tugging the waistband forward to clear my fully engorged cock. I was stunned when she dropped to one knee in front of me and grasped my rod in both her hands. She pulled me and leaned in, opening her lips to absorb the shaft of flesh in front of her. “Hmmm,” she hummed hungrily, licking and sucking at my member. It was as if she hadn’t eaten for days and was presented with a succulent piece of meat. She sucked it fully into the back of her throat and eased me out with a series of delicate licks and kisses. She stood up in front of me, pulling me to my feet with her hands on my arms. “I assume you want me to keep the shoes on,” she murmured. “That’s fine,” I replied in a murmur. She eased back toward the bed, grasping the cover and pulling it quickly to the floor. She eased onto it and lay back, spreading her legs and patting her pussy. “Come fuck me,” she said huskily. “I want to feel your cock inside me.” I eased down onto the bed between her legs. She grasped my meat and guided it to her entrance. I felt her heat and pushed forward. Her flesh accepted mine easily. The grip was tight, but the moisture had lubricated her so well that I was balls-deep inside her in a trice. She groaned. “Oh, fuck! Yes!” she mouthed softly. “That feels so good!” I had to agree. I stayed still for a moment to allow both of us to become accustomed to the sensations. After a short interlude I began to move slowly in and out of her warm, moist flesh. “U
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m hmmm!” she hummed. “You’re fucking me now.” Her hands grasped my ass and guided me to a rhythm that best suited her. I followed her lead without complaint, remarking only on how hot and tight she felt. “You like fucking me?” she inquired, a teasing tone in her voice. “It’s great,” I told her. “This is all like a dream.” “It is,” she said. “A wonderful dream of raw fucking. Now do it harder and faster.” “Where should I come?” I asked. “Inside me. I have protection. Now shut up and fuck me.” I tried to keep pace with her hand pulling and pushing me. She groaned, whimpered, and moaned as our bodies cascaded against each other. I felt her tighten on me as she cried out her first release. “Oh fuck!” she moaned. “Yes, fuck! Fuck me! I’m coming! Don’t stop!” I kept plunging through the resistance of her tightening love canal. “Oh, god! You come!” she ordered. “Fill me. Fuck me!” I felt the stirring begin low in my belly and stretch into a tight burning at the front of my thighs. I gasped, “I’m coming!” and she hollered, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I collapsed atop her as my ejaculate pumped through my cock and spewed into her depths. I groaned with my own release, barely aware of her hands pulling my ass toward her so that my come would bathe her innermost depths. Both of us were gasping for air as we attempted to recover. I pushed up to relieve her of my weight, and she looked into my face. “Good?” she asked as she panted repeatedly. “Great!” I gasped. “Wonderful! Exceptional!” “Hmmm,” she hummed again, her hands pushing on my shoulders to help me keep from crushing her. Eventually, I rolled off her and let my eyes take in the vision of her in front of me. “I saw you in the bar. A young fellow approached you. What did you tell him?” “I told him my husband was watching.” “Your husband?” She nodded. “So he saw us leave together?” “He did.” “He didn’t try to stop you?” She shook her head. “Why do you do this?” “For the variety,” she replied. “And he lets you?” “He likes watching me get picked up.” “But he has to know.” “He knows. He likes me to get fucked and come home and tell him all about it.” “Why does he do that?” “Because he loves me. Because he wants me to have what we’ve just had.” “Is he some kind of weirdo?” “I don’t think so. It’s not like I’m going to fall in love or anything. It’s just fucking.” “And you don’t feel guilty?” She shook her head. “It’s not like I’m cheating. He knows. He approves. And I always go home to him.” “He must love you a lot.” “He does.” Exhausted from the excitement and the effort we dozed for a while. When I woke up a little time later I was surprised to find she was still there. I could feel her breathing evenly next to me, her hand draped across my belly and clutching my member. It began to swell in her hand. She stirred in her sleep and clutched it tighter. I eased my arm across her and gently grasped her breast. My fingers trailed across the nipple and felt it stiffen slightly. Her hand slid up and down my shaft as it solidified. She turned toward me and her green eyes shone brightly. “That was a nice little nap,” she said. “Do you always nap grasping a cock?” I chuckled. “Not always,” she grinned, “But it could become a delightful habit.” “You’re having an effect on me,” I warned her. “I can tell,” she replied. “Is that a bad thing?” “Not if you’re okay with being a bad girl again.” Her smile was broad and slightly wicked. “I’m always ready to be naughty.” “You like fucking strange men that much?” “If they’re good to me,” she answered. “Have I been good?” “You’ve been very, very good.” “You know you’re making me want to fuck you again?” “Hmmm. That sounds like a wonderful idea.” “You mean that?” “I mean it. But this time, I’d like you to really fuck me.” “The first time wasn’t real?” “Oh, no, that’s not what I mean. This time, though, I want you to fuck me hard and fast, with me on my hands and knees and you pounding into me.” “You’re my princess of the night,” I told her. “Anything you want.” She released me and turned around to raise her ass in the air. I scrambled to kneel behind her. “Are you ready?” she asked. “I am,” I replied. “Then you should put it in and start fucking me.” I grabbed my hard rod and slid it toward her. Just as I touched her pussy lips with the head she asked, “What is your name?” “Dave,” I replied. “What’s yours?” “You can call me Kate.” “Nice to meet you, Kate,” I chuckled, doubting that was her real name. “Come on and fuck me, Dave. Pound me with your hard cock.” Pound her I did. I eased in and began a slow, strong stroke until Kate told me to go harder. “Fuck me hard, Dave. Yeah! I want to feel your cock pound into me.” No hands guided my rhythm this time so I simply put everything I had into it. Kate moaned and whimpered. She gasped and cried out my name. I could feel her contract around me each time she had a climax. Her cries for me to fuck her grew more and more intense. As hard as I pounded into her she pushed back on me. If my count was correct, her contractions and cries indicated three orgasms before I finally lost my restraint. “Oh, fuck! I’m coming!” I hollered. “Yes, Dave. Fuck me hard! Fuck me deep. Fill me with your hot come! Fill me up, Dave. Fuck me!” The keening whine and spasms of contraction signaled her release as I spewed my essence inside her. I held her hips, pulling her tight to me as I pumped my second load of the night into this beauty. She insisted I shower and dress before her. “After all,” she reasoned, “The room is booked in my name. I have all night to get cleaned up.” “So, you’re staying the night here?” I asked. “It seems a shame to waste it.” “And tomorrow you’ll go home and tell your husband all about getting fucked?” She smiled at me. “Doesn’t seem to be much point in that.” “I guess you’re right. Although, I’d like to hear you tell about your first experience of an illicit tryst.” “You will.” “So you think you’ll actually do it?” I asked. She grinned as she leaned over to kiss me. “If it’s anything like this practice run, I think I’m going to love it.” “Would you have done anything differently?” “I might have let him eat my pussy longer. At least until I come.” I nodded. “You should, Katharine. He will love it and I know you will.” “You really want me to do this?” “That was the whole point of tonight; to show you how exhilarating and thrilling it can be.” “Thank you for doing this for me.” “Of course, my darling. Now you know what it can be like.” “It was very exciting.” “Wait until you have your first stranger. Someone like that lawyer, maybe.” “Maybe he will be there next time.” “You’ll have to apologize for tonight and tell him you’d really like to fuck him.” “Should I be so direct?” “No point in beating around the bush.” “I love you, Sterling.” “And I love you, Katharine. Maybe we should get some sleep now?” “Perhaps Dave can get laid again in the morning,” she teased. “Perhaps he will. I know he’ll still be here.” “How do you know that?” “Because, my darling. You have the only car!”

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