He easily seduces her by licking her pussy with lust

He easily seduces her by licking her pussy with lust

After graduating from a rural High School, I worked for my uncle at his shoe store in the city. I needed a summer job to pay for university so it was an ideal arrangement. Because I was eighteen years old, not a minor, he could leave me in charge of the store, which he did frequently. He liked to golf and, when it was a nice day, he would go off when the urge hit him and I would not see him until the next day. I enjoyed working in the store. I must tell you, the simple act of selling shoes didn’t get me enthused, but watching women try them on got me sexually aroused. Back in the sixties, lots of women wore short skirts, and I was big fan of that style! Not only that, but once in a while, a woman would come into the store sans underwear. We also sold men's shoes and I would check out the crotch of their jeans or slacks or shorts. And, yes, lots of guys went commando.Helping women try on shoes is an art that cannot be taught: either you have a feel for it or you don’t, so to speak. I had the feel for it. I loved touching their feet, subtly twisting and turning their legs this way and that. I like to think that they knew what was going on and they enjoyed it too! I had several opportunities for guy-on-gal and guy-on-guy sex and I was certainly eager to indulge. This is the story of my first experience. Sharon came into the shop just after five on a Tuesday afternoon. It was reasonably quiet in the store that late in the day so I was able to give her my undivided attention. It was payday and she’d left her office intent on buying a pair of shoes on her way home. Sharon looked to be in her early twenties and she was tall and stacked like Anita Ekberg. If you don't know Ekberg, Google her name and prepare to be amazed. Sharon's skirt was white but quite modest, ending just above her knees. She wore black stockings and, as she tried several pairs of shoes, I caught multiple glimpses of her white panties. Of course, the contrast between black and white clothing and her pink skin, soon got me all hot and hard. When the time on the clock showed five-thirty, I turned the sign to closed, locked the door, and shut the blinds. "Oh no, you can’t be closing,” she cried.“Don’t worry," I told her. "I won't let you go until you get your new shoes." "Oh goodie. Thank you.”Eventually, she tried a pair that looked very good on her but she needed a smaller size. I replaced the too large shoes in their box and took them into the back room. While looking along the shelves for her size, I became aware of her presence behind me. Customers were not allowed back there, but I was not stupid enough to tell her that. Okay, I wasn’t brilliant at school, but I sure as hell knew Sharon wasn’t there simply to watch me find her shoes!“Oh, hi," I said, turning to look at her. Then I asked, ”Do you know what I've never done back here?" “No, tell me.” Boldly, I said, ”Kissed a beautiful girl like you." Without waiting for her reaction, I put my hands on her shoulders, pulled her towards me and kissed her, lightly but thoroughly. Succ
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ess! She kissed me back. Her lips parted and our tongues were soon playing. I felt her large tits crushed against my shirt and my erection was at full stretch, pressed against her belly. She reached down, between us. "What have we here?" "Let's take it out to find out,” I said and started to undo my pants.Belt unbuckled and pants unzipped, Sharon pulled down my pants along with my shorts and grasped my cock. As she stroked my hard length, I opened her blouse and slipped a hand inside her bra, latching onto one of her mighty tits. Her nipple was as hard as a pencil tip and I gave it a gentle tweak, rolling it between my thumb and fingers. Stepping out of my shorts and pants, I backpedaled her over to the desk and hoisted her up onto it. Standing between her legs, I put a hand under her skirt and drew her panties down and off her legs. Her pussy was already dripping wet, hot and slick with her juices. She still held my cock and now guided it to her hot snatch. I pushed against her opening and, just like that, eased my cock all the way in. It felt sensational and she moaned, clearly delighted and as eager as I was to start fucking. As I thrust in and out, driving up and down her pussy like a well-oiled piston, she matched my increasing rhythm. I momentarily stopped, bending to push up her bra and taste her pink nipples. They were sweet and I used my lips to pull and stretch them to their fullest. Sharon hissed through her teeth but she bucked her hips with some urgency and her gyrations against my dick quickened. She made it clear that she wanted my cock pounding her, and I sensed that she was very close to cumming. Putting both hands under under her butt, I raised her so that my pistoning cock was leveraged to the maximum, ramming in and out of her squelching cunt. She gasped, moaned, panted and her body juddered when she came with a loud sigh of satisfaction. I rode her until she calmed, her movements slowing to a gentle back and forth rocking. Finally, the urge to get my own rocks off reached it's zenith. Unable to hold back but mindful of any pregnancy possibilities, I withdrew my cock and slapped it against her belly. I lay my weight on top of her and, grinding and thrusting, ejaculated between our hot and sweaty bodies.After a few minutes recovering, I fetched some tissues from the toilet and I watched her wipe my cum off her belly. She reorganized her clothing and I thought how she was cute, hot, horny and irresistible. I wanted to fuck her again! Returning to the front of the store, she tried on the smaller shoes and decided to buy them. As much as I wanted to let her have them for free, a sale was a sale and, after all, it was my uncle's shoe store. When I unlocked the door to let her out, I said, “I'd like to see you sometime.”“Thanks for the offer, that’s nice,” she said, smiling. “But I think we'll keep this as our little secret and a once-in-a-lifetime happening. After all, I think my husband might be a tad uptight if he ever found out about this.”=====Thanks to JWren for all the editing assistance.

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